For 20 years, ECE has provided professional electrical engineering services to our clients. Our design experience has given us the opportuity to understand client needs and project requirements in order to create a properly functioning facility. Our mission is to design safe, reliable, stable and easy-to-maintain electrical systems for each project. We understand the high costs involved in the building industry and strive to cut those costs by effectively designing electrical systems to handle current user loads as well as demands for future use. We are committed to providing our clients superior quality construction documents. ECE is fully capable and experiences to provide these services for each project.  
+ Audio/Visual systems
+ Automated lighting controls
+ Building power distribution systems
+ Campus network distribution
+ Closed Circuit Television Systems
+ Energy efficient lighting
+ Fire detection and alarm systems
+ High-Speed data and voice network structured cabling systems
+ High-voltage power distribution systems and substations
+ Information technology rooms and enterprise data centers
+ Lightning protection systems
+ Paging/Background music systems
+ Security monitoring and access systems

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